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Yesterday Origins
Published: 20/1/2017  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
A disappointing present-day storyline infringes upon the dark historical tale of Yesterday Origins, but outstanding production quality, nonstop quests, and a few spirited acts go a long way towards saving the day.

Published: 7/9/2016  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
If you have a strong masochistic urge to inflict a few hours of excruciating, pretentious sociopolitical ramblings interspersed with bouts of petty cruelty and vulgarity upon yourself, Désiré is the game for you.

Lost Horizon 2
Published: 3/6/2016  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
Despite embarking with a sound plan for another beautiful globe-trotting adventure, Lost Horizon 2 suffers from weary execution and assorted technical limitations, eventually losing the way to greatness and ending up in the land of the average.

Bulb Boy
Published: 8/12/2015  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
The Bulb Boy’s brief but brilliant battle to reclaim his home from the hideous monsters of the night underscores the proverbial victory of light over darkness, and quality over quantity.

Anna's Quest
Published: 17/7/2015  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
Anna’s Quest is an enchanting mélange of superb production quality, engaging gameplay, and a poignant saga of heart and heartbreak that will linger with you long after the adventure is over.

Nicolas Eymerich The Inquisitor: Book II - The Village
Published: 15/5/2015  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
The Inquisitor loses its way through The Village with a poorly designed, technically weak sequel that fails to capitalise on the strengths of its brazen story and brutal, brilliant title character.

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2
Published: 20/3/2015  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
The epic fantasy sequel is pregnant with quests and quips and stunning production values, if not quite delivering the same story quality as its esteemed predecessor.

Randal’s Monday
Published: 4/2/2015  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
Its looks slick and gags abound, but this raunchy Groundhog Day-style adventure isn't much more fun than a week's worth of Mondays.

Gabriel Knight: 20th Anniversary Edition Preview
Published: 3/10/2014  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
A whole new generation of gamers will soon inherit Sins of the Fathers, now magnified in Jane Jensen's slick remake.

Whispering Willows
Published: 22/9/2014  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
This supernatural mystery soars in story and production values, but is dragged down to earth by its plodding gameplay.

Shadows on the Vatican: Act II - Wrath
Published: 7/5/2014  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
The second installment returns with a vengeance, dramatically raising the stakes of this religio-political thriller.

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse
Published: 25/4/2014  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
Revolution's two-part globetrotting sequel is now complete, successfully triumphing over the curse of high expectations.

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse - Episode 1
Published: 18/12/2013  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
The series makes a welcome return to its traditional roots with a rousing opening installment, but slices the fifth adventure into two distinct parts.

Secret Files: Sam Peters
Published: 13/11/2013  |  view online @  |  view in .pdf format
This spin-off adventure reclaims some of the series' lost magic, though it peters out with an abrupt ending that arrives all too soon.

Beyond: Two Souls
Published: 10/9/2013  |  view online @
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