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"Indian industry is extremely risk averse and that, to my mind, is the biggest disadvantage. This needs to change drastically if we dream of becoming a superpower."
Business & Economy, November 2005

"Sustainable development will happen only if we as a Nation engage in sharing of wealth rather than distribution of poverty."
GMA 19th Annual Convocation Message

"We talk a lot about numbers but our business is about people, and by taking care of them and our customers, the rest will come."
'India's Greatest Brand Builders', by Dr R L Bhatia, November 2004

"India does not need a Planning Commission. It needs a Doing Commission."

"How can anyone be truly effective if he does not take pride in what he is doing, where he is doing it, and coming to ethics, how he is doing it? "
'The First 100 Days'

"Without knowing the job, you cannot deliver. The knowledge is of no use, if you are not willing to deliver. "
First letter to ONGCians, May 25, 2001

"Integrity is not only avoiding or refusing bribes. Professional Integrity requires that one performs to the best of one’s knowledge, experience, prudence, diligence and honesty. "
First letter to ONGCians, May 25, 2001

"Some of us wrote the dreams. All of us make it happen."

"We are to become one of the global best-in-class E&P corporates. This is a matter of compulsion, not choice."
To ONGCians, 2001

"Time is of great essence. Success should come before the clock runs out."

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